Checklist: Your apps, Make your journey safer with the help of technology

Your apps.

Make your journey safer with the help of technology

Before you travel, check that you’ve installed the right apps, and that you’ve registered on the websites where you can monitor your bookings for flights, accommodation, and restaurants, as well as important information on your destination for a safer journey.

Depending on your destination, there may be specific apps. Have a look to see which could be most useful for your next trip with this list:

  • Using your boarding pass (Write the app you need):
  • Checking in online:
  • Saving your transport tickets:
  • Booking taxis at the destination:
  • Using maps online or offline:
  • Using your credit card on your mobile phone:
  • Booking in advance for tours at your destination:
  • Buying tickets for museums and shows with your mobile:
  • Making restaurant reservations at your destination:
  • Listening to audioguides of the places you want to visit:
  • Automatically translating texts into other languages:
  • Consulting public transport maps:
  • Getting information on occupancy numbers at places of interest:
  • Tracking your exposure to Covid-19:

Remember that if you are travelling to Spain you have the Radar Covid app at your disposal to monitor your exposure to Covid-19 and an app called “Asistencia Covid” to perform a self diagnosis if you think you have symptoms while you are in Spain.