During the trip

Use of face masks

In Spain, as of 20 April 2022 it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask indoors or outdoors with certain exceptions. You must wear a mask:

  1. When travelling by plane, train or bus, as well as in all other public transport.
  2. On ships or boats when the 1.5-metre safety distance cannot be guaranteed, except inside cabins, provided these are shared with members of the same household or bubble.
  3. In healthcare centres, services and establishments, such as health centres, hospitals and pharmacies.
  4. Workers and visitors in communal areas of socio-sanitary centres.

Remember that children under the age of six are not obliged to wear masks under any circumstances.


In hotels, restaurants, shops and cultural venues

Restrictions and occupancy control have been lifted in hotels, restaurants, shops and commercial establishments, as well as in museums, monuments, cultural venues, exhibitions, shows and leisure activities. It is also no longer a requirement to wear a mask inside or in enclosed areas open to the public. However, you must still wear a mask in pharmacies, health centres and hospitals.

In any event, to be able to continue enjoying an improved experience and for your own comfort, we recommend that you still book ahead wherever possible to avoid overcrowding.


Tips for enjoying yourself in complete safety

Although a mask is no longer mandatory in many establishments and enclosed spaces open to the public, it is still recommended to wear one whenever social distancing cannot be maintained or for vulnerable people, such as the over 60s or expectant mothers.

Remember to follow the general recommended health and safety measures, such as keeping a safe distance from others whenever possible or using hydroalcoholic gel.


What happens if you fall ill during your stay in Spain?

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, it is recommended to exercise caution and minimise social interactions as much as possible by constantly wearing a mask and maintaining adequate hand hygiene for 10 days after the onset of symptoms or the diagnosis if you are asymptomatic. It is advisable to particularly avoid contact with vulnerable people and not to attend large events.

It is no longer mandatory for close contacts of confirmed cases to self-isolate.

Bear in mind that in all cases, Spanish emergency healthcare services are guaranteed and provided at hospitals and healthcare centres. You can find more information in our Practical Information section.

At all times follow the recommendations for COVID-19 issued by the health authorities.