Enjoy the Año Xacobeo safely

The Way of St James has also adapted to the current situation, and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have been put in place so that you can enjoy the Año Xacobeo with complete peace of mind.

Follow the Way in safety with these recommendations

The use of face masks outdoors isn’t mandatory, as long as safety distances can be respected. However, in indoor settings it is, as well as on all forms of public transport.

If you’re walking or cycling, it’s best for one person only within the group to check a physical map. Leave your backpack outside in places where there is a designated area for this, and disinfect it frequently, or alternatively put it in a clean plastic bag. If you’re cycling, park your bike well away from those belonging to other pilgrims.

And what about at meal times, or when taking a break?

Don’t share water bottles, drinks or food from the same plate. At drinking fountains, make sure that your mouth doesn’t touch the spout – it’s best to use your own cup or water bottle to drink from. When you’re done, wash your hands, or use hand sanitiser.

When you stop for a break or at a viewpoint, relax and remember to always respect safety distances.

What has changed in the hostels?

The hostels all follow guidelines issued by the health authorities regarding capacity control and recommendations for the regular disinfection of their premises. We recommend reserving your bed either online or by phone. You’ll also find all the information you need on their official app: Android / iPhone

At night, always try to sleep in your family or pilgrim group. You need to bear in mind that some hostels used to have their own first-aid-for-feet facility, but now you’ll need to go to a doctor’s practice. We also recommend planning your meals: the kitchen or dining room might be closed, or may be subject to capacity restrictions.

Lastly, let the staff at your hostel stamp your pilgrim passport for you that way you won’t need to touch it – and use a credit card or your mobile phone to make your donation.

Can I visit the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela?

Yes. Book your ticket in advance, as capacity control is in operation. You can do so via this link https://tickets.catedraldesantiago.es/. The Cathedral has its own interactive audio guide, and you can follow it on your mobile when you visit.

You can check out these and other recommendations on this infographic

You can check out these and other recommendations on this infographic in English.

And if you’d like more official information about the Way plus some top tips for pilgrims, click here.