Golf: a low-contact outdoor sport

Golf makes social distancing easy, and the fact that it’s an outdoor sport is an added plus in terms of security.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all closed public spaces and spaces open to the public. This is also mandatory outdoors and in open spaces, unless you are exercising alone, or when in natural environments engaged in non-sporting activities, provided that you maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and people you do not live with.

Follow these recommendations for an even better experience out on the green:

1. What should I bear in mind before playing?

Before playing, remember that it’s best to avoid physical greetings (like hugs or handshakes). Most golf courses now allow reservations to be made online or by phone in order to avoid the need to handle cash. Individual carts are disinfected before and after the game, as are buggies, which are also subject to capacity limitations.

2. Safety and hygiene recommendations during your game

Golf courses recommend that pin flags are left in place and are not touched in any way, and a lot of holes now have cup liners installed to prevent the ball from falling into the hole. Many bunkers are maintained without the use of rakes, to avoid unnecessary handling. Some courses have implemented an electronic points system in order to avoid the use of physical score cards.

3. How many players can there be in a team?

Groups of up to four people may play together, but social distancing must still be maintained during the game.

4. Common areas: Follow this advice in reception, the restaurant and cafeteria, locker rooms and toilets

Minimal use of the reception area is recommended, and do check in advance to see whether or not the café, restaurant and shop are open, or if there are restrictions in place. Golf courses have also introduced enhanced disinfection regimes for toilets and locker rooms, and in many cases the capacity of the latter may have been reduced.

And remember to always use hand sanitiser.