Guide to enjoying museums, exhibitions, and monuments

Both museums and other cultural spaces have adapted to the current situation so that we can still enjoy visiting them. Always respect social distancing while you’re admiring works of art, and try to book your ticket in advance.

It is not mandatory to wear a mask in outdoor spaces as long as a safety distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained. Nor is it for large outdoor events where attendees are seated and a safe distance can be maintained. However, in indoor settings it is.

We’ll share some tips to help you enjoy art and history safely.


1.What hygiene and safety measures have different cultural spaces put in place?

Many cultural spaces have reduced their capacity, and have prioritised remote purchasing of tickets. When you arrive, follow the arrows indicating the route to be taken by visitors, as in this way you’ll avoid meeting other people and groups.


If you’re going to use an audio guide and you need headphones, use your own or ask for disposable ones, if available. Some museums have introduced apps that you can use via your mobile. Check it out!


2.What do I need to bear in mind when attending talks or book presentations?

Bookshops, hotels, and small art galleries continue to offer presentations and talks. You’ll find that the chairs are distanced from each other, and if you’re standing, be sure to maintain the safety distance between yourself and the other attendees. Talks are increasingly being held online, so check with the organisers.


3.Visit monuments and other places of cultural interest, taking the necessary precautions

Archaeological sites, architectural complexes, temples, historical buildings, etc. You can continue to visit monuments as long as you respect the social distancing rules as indicated, remembering to keep your distance if you stop to listen to an explanation from your guide as well. When taking photos, use your own camera or phone, don’t share with others.  


4.Enjoy cultural routes safely

Many towns and cities have new open-air alternatives to their museums and cultural centres. Now is a good time to rediscover botanical gardens, urban art and themed cultural routes both in the city and outside it. Check out any new activities available in your local museums and everyday spaces. 


5.Concerts and theatres

You can still enjoy small concerts and theatre performances. Capacity is generally limited, so it’s best to book your tickets well in advance. A paper programme probably won’t be available, there will be a code, or you’ll be able to view it on the web page. Remember to use your mobile for your ticket, to avoid unnecessary physical contact. Departure times for the audience are very likely to be staggered.

And remember: Don’t forget to use hand sanitiser. Furthermore, if you’re visiting Spain, you can check on measures applicable to tourist visits by clicking on this link.