Health control form

All passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea must fill in a health control form before travelling. If arriving by plane, you can fill in the form on the Spain Travel Health website or the apps for Android or iOS devices. If arriving by ferry, you can fill in the form at this link:

When you have filled in the form (no more than 48 hours before your arrival in Spain), you will receive a QR code which you will have to present (on paper or via your mobile phone) both when boarding and when you arrive in Spain.

– Each form is personal and non-transferable and is associated with one journey (or round trip).

– If a passenger is a minor or dependent/disabled person, the form can be filled in by a parent or legal guardian, who will be responsible for the information provided.

– If the passengers are all in the same family they can fill in one form for all of them, but they must provide information for each passenger (maximum 15 persons), as each one will get a QR code.

– To fill in the form you will need:

  1. The number of your identity document (passport, ID card, etc.).
  2. International transport information (arrival date, flight number/name of the ship, company/airline, seat number/cabin number, etc.).
  3. Information on your stay in Spain.
  4. Email address.
  5. If you are arriving from a high-risk country: a document certifying your vaccination against, diagnosis of, or recovery from COVID-19 (except children under 12).

– If you have the EU Digital COVID Certificate (issued by a member state of the European Union) you can upload it to the SpTH application when you fill in the form, and get a FAST CONTROL QR code, which will speed up the formalities when you arrive in Spain. You can also get the code if you are arriving from a country/territory considered low-risk.

Otherwise, you will get a DOCUMENT CONTROL QR code, which means that checkpoint personnel may want to see the health certificate (vaccination/test/recovery from COVID-19) you have provided for entry into Spain. As children under 12 do not have to present any health certificate, they get the FAST CONTROL code immediately.

International transit passengers will get a QR code known as TRANSIT CONTROL.