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Date of update: 21/10/2021

New! 18/10/2021 – The list of countries and risk areas is updated. This list will remain in force until the 24th October. Consult list.

16/10/2021 – The criteria for applying the temporary restriction on non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen area countries has been modified. More information on which new countries and other regional bodies will not be affected by this restriction.

15/10/2021 – The United Kingdom has announced that fully vaccinated passengers travelling from countries considered to be low-risk (as is the case with Spain at present) may have an antigen test performed in the first 48 hours after their arrival instead of a PCR test. This measure comes into force on 24 October.

14/10/2021 – In the light of the pandemic and in order to protect the health of travellers, to date only passengers with boarding passes, airport workers and companions with a justified cause could enter the terminal buildings of Spanish airports. Access restrictions will be removed from Friday 15 October and companions will be able to access airports. More information.

14/10/2021 – From November (date to be confirmed) the United States will open land borders to fully vaccinated foreign citizens travelling for non-essential purposes. On the other hand, it will permit entry to vaccinated travellers arriving on flights from the European Union and the United Kingdom. Additionally, those fully vaccinated travellers will need to present a negative result from a test taken a maximum of 3 days prior to departure. The measures will also apply to travellers arriving by sea (ferries).

In addition, from 12 October, the United States has removed Spain from the list of countries that are considered “very high-risk”. For this reason, they no longer advise visitors not to travel to Spain. More information.

04/10/2021 – From today, the system of red, amber and green “traffic lights” regulating entry to the UK will be replaced by a single list of countries catalogued under red. Spain isn’t currently listed as a high-risk country. Citizens travelling from Spain and that have completed the vaccination course will not need to carry out a prior COVID-19 test, nor on the 8th day after their arrival, nor to quarantine for 10 days. They must book and pay for a COVID-19 test and fill out a passenger locator form.

In the event of not being vaccinated or only partially vaccinated, they must quarantine for 10 days and have two COVID-19 tests performed upon arrival. You can find more information on all the requirements on the map on the home page.

13/07/2021 – The Directorate General of Public Health is extending the validity period of NAAT type diagnostic tests (PCR/TMA/LAMP) to 72 hours as one of the possible certificates permitting entry into Spain for tourists travelling from high-risk countries. For the antigen tests included in the European Commission’s common list, the validity limit of 48 hours prior to travel is maintained. This measure comes into force on 14 July. More info.

01/07/2021 – The EU Digital COVID Certificate enters into force today, Thursday 1 July throughout the European Union. The aim is to facilitate safe free movement of citizens in the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic. More info.

29/06/2021 – From 2 July, a vaccination certificate or a NAAT-type diagnosis certificate (PCR, TMA, LAMP and similar) with a negative result issued within 48 hours prior to arrival in Spain will be required for citizens travelling from the United Kingdom. More info.

25/06/2021 – The regulations on urgent prevention measures for the control of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 have been updated. As of 26 June, it will not be mandatory to wear a mask in outdoor spaces as long as a safety distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained. Nor will it be mandatory for passengers of ships and boats to wear a mask in their cabins and in outdoor spaces of the ship, provided that the safety distance can be maintained; or in large outdoor events where attendees are seated and a safe distance can be maintained. Mask use will continue to be mandatory in interior or closed spaces. More info

New health requirements for entry into Spain as from 7 june.See informative note. Date of update: 14/07/2021

09/06/2021 – From this date the age limit for minors exempted from presenting health certificates at health checkpoints for travellers on entry into Spain has changed, and is now set at 12 years of age. More info

09/06/2021 – The Government of Spain modifies the sanitary control measures for people coming from France by land. More info

05/06/2021 – The Government of Spain has modified the healthcare restrictions and mechanisms for travellers arriving from other countries outside of Spain. This measure will come into force on 7th June. More info

29/05/2021 – The government agrees to establish sanitary measures for cruise-type passenger ships that make international voyages when they enter Spanish ports, and removes the restrictions previously established for this type of passenger ships due to the health crisis. This measure will come into force on 7th June. More info