Let’s go shopping: safely

If you want to do some shopping on your next trip, plan what you want to buy before you go out, and avoid unnecessary journeys, crowded areas and peak times. Whatever your destination, we have some tips for you.


1. Shopping centres and department stores

Large establishments have put measures in place to control shopper numbers, ensure adequate ventilation and the disinfection of common areas such as rest areas and toilets. Some may even allow you to check on occupancy levels so that you can avoid the busiest times.
If there are timetable restrictions in operation, your shopping centre is likely to close early, so do check in advance. During your visit, respect signage and maintain the safety distance – including on the escalators – and try to make payment using contactless methods.


2. What should I bear in mind when shopping on the city high street?

Avoid the busiest streets and the crowds. In the case of fairs, markets and street markets, check in advance whether or not they’re open, and while you’re there, if there is a designated route make sure you follow it.


3. Small businesses and local shops: also a good option

Small businesses have also adapted the way they do things so that you can shop there with the guarantee that the necessary safety measures are in place. It’s very likely that you’ll find items behind screens or in display cases for hygiene and safety reasons. If you have a clear idea of what you want to buy and are accompanied by others, it’s best to ask them to wait outside, in this way you’ll help to ensure that capacity limitations are respected.

4. But how do I pay?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated that in the current situation it’s best to use contactless forms of payment, such as using your mobile phone or contactless credit cards. These should always be your preferred methods of payment, when permitted by the establishment. In this way you’ll reduce unnecessary physical contact.

And remember: don’t forget your face mask, use hand sanitiser, and maintain the safety distance – throughout your visit, and also when you leave the shop and until you’re back at your accommodation.