Looking to buy travel insurance for your trip find the policy that best suits your needs

COVID-19 cover

Check to see whether or not your chosen company specifically covers expenses arising from COVID-19 related issues.

Cover for diagnostic medical tests

Check that your policy covers COVID-19 testing prior to travel, as well as during your trip if necessary, as well as before your return.

Cancellation fees

Find out whether your trip expenses will be refunded if you are unable to travel because you, someone travelling with you, or a family member, has tested positive in the days leading up to your trip, or in the case that a State of Emergency should be declared, or borders closed.

Medical treatment for COVID-19

Make sure that your policy includes cover for surgical, medical, and hospital care in case of COVID-19, plus the cost of any necessary medication, as well the geographical areas covered, and the coverage limit.

Extension of stay due to medical quarantine

As there is a possibility that you will be quarantined at your destination because you have tested positive for coronavirus, ask your insurer in advance how much you will receive per day for expenses (accommodation and subsistence), and how many days you will be covered for. 

Repatriation or medical transfer due to illness

Check to see if your policy includes the cost of rescheduling your flight if you or a travelling companion should test positive for COVID-19 when you are in another country and you miss your flight due to convalescence or quarantine.

Transfer/ repatriation due to death or disability

Check to see that your insurance company will take responsibility for the transfer/ repatriation arrangements, and for any family members accompanying the person affected.

Loss or theft of luggage

Check what compensation you will receive if your luggage should be lost or its arrival delayed.