Requirements for entering Spain if you are travelling from outside the EU/EEA

1. Whichever country you are arriving from, all passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea (ferry), including passengers making flight transfers and children under 12, must fill in a health control form before they start their journey. If you are arriving by plane, you can do this through the website or on the Spain Travel Health app for Android or iOs devices. If arriving by ferry, you must fill it in at the following link .

When you have filled it in, you will get a QR code which you must present both when boarding and when arriving in Spain. If you are arriving from a country/territory considered not to be a risk, you will get a FAST CONTROL QR code which will speed up the formalities when you arrive in Spain.


2.1. If you are travelling from a country or territory on the list of low-incidence countries outside the high-risk area, you can travel without the need for diagnostic tests or vaccination or immunity certificates.

2.2. If you are travelling from a territory on the list of high-risk countries/areas (see the current list here), people travelling for tourism will be allowed to enter if they have a vaccination certificate issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin at least 14 days after the date of the last dose required to complete the course of vaccination. Accepted vaccines are those authorised by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organisation.

Children and young people between 12 and 18 years of age must also present this vaccination certificate (they can not enter either with a diagnostic test or a recovery certificate) except in exceptional situations which you will find on the map of each country on the homepage. Only children under 12 years of age are not required to show a health certificate of any kind.

The vaccination certificate must include at least:

– Full name of the holder.

– Vaccination date.

– Type of vaccine administered.

– Number of doses administered/completed course.

– Issuing country.

– Identification of the organisation issuing the vaccination certificate.

The certificates must be in Spanish, English, French, or German. If they are in another language, they must be translated into Spanish by an official body.


3. If you are arriving by air or sea, there will be a health security check at the first point of entry, which will include at least taking your temperature, checking your documents, and a visual assessment of your state of health. If you are in transit/transferring, check the applicable regulations here.

On the map on the home page you can access information on the specific requirements for citizens from the UK.

On this map you can see the specific aspects of the regulations of each country and the exceptions for non-tourist travel to Spain.