Spain, a safe destination

Spain is a safe destination, open to international tourism and prepared for you to enjoy your holiday. You can visit Spain with total confidence because:


– Spain is one of the top European destinations with the highest percentage of the adult population that has already received the full dose of the vaccine. This means the territory is becoming increasingly safer. The priority is for 70% of the population to have been fully vaccinated by the end of the summer.


– Apart from the diagnostic tests that are performed daily we are incorporating new techniques such as rapid antigen tests.


– Although there is an increase in incidence in a very limited age group –the young population in which many infections manifest themselves mildly or asymptomatically– these cases are being closely monitored, and measures taken to try to minimise them.


– Spain boasts a highly professional health system capable of serving and responding to the healthcare needs of the population.


Tourism, leisure and hospitality establishments and businesses are prepared to offer a safe service; health control measures continue to be applied in the areas of cleaning and disinfection, along with limited occupancy levels, social distancing, promotion of hand hygiene and use of face masks on public transport or in enclosed spaces. You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as going to the beach, doing routes and excursions or attending events without wearing a mask as long as the 1.5-metre social distancing rules are observed.


– Different regions of Spain offer access to free insurance with Covid-19 coverage for international travellers and tourists during their stay. Find more information here.


– The EU Digital COVID Certificate has been introduced in Spain, thanks to which travellers visiting from EU countries can benefit from the special points of entry into Spain with a QR Fast Control code.


– All passengers arriving to Spain by air or sea must fill in a health control form. In addition, those arriving from high risk countries must accredit their health status by showing that they are vaccinated, have recovered from the disease or have been tested proving that they are free of the infection. All of these measures are aimed at ensuring that international tourists travel free from COVID-19. In turn, control measures have been imposed to restrict flights from high risk countries with different approved quarantine periods and extensions.


In all, Spain offers you the peace of mind and confidence you need to enjoy your holiday without any worries.