qué ocurre si enfermo en españa

What happens if I become sick in Spain?

Try to be prudent if you develop any symptoms, avoiding any physical contact with another person. Next, inform the local healthcare authorities immediately via the information helpline of the region you are in. You can see the steps to follow and the symptoms to look out for on this website or at the following links:

What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

– Isolation recommendations

In all cases, Spanish emergency healthcare services are guaranteed and provided at hospitals and healthcare centres. You can find more information in our Practical Information section. If the healthcare authorities suspect you may be infected, they may require you to take a test, and to undergo a period of quarantine is the test is positive.

Additionally, some regions of Spain offer access to free insurance with Covid-19 coverage for international travellers and tourists. You can check more detailed information on the “Health Information” section for each region using the map on the homepage.